Common Workday Injuries on A Site with a High Capacity Telehandler

A construction site is always risky for a pedestrian. No one can ever predict any exact time of an accident that pedestrians or workers can face in the vicinity of a construction site. Reports reveal that the construction accidents have gone down in the past few years but couldn’t stop because each site has a different level of security, terrains, and safety measures.

You will see several forklifts and high-capacity telehandlers placed on a site lifting and carrying loads. Any discrepancy or error in their operation can be high risk in the form of deadly fall accidents. If you look at the types of accidents on construction sites, you will find a few accidents common on every site. They occur due to negligence or any disparity in the entire operation process.

However, the results end by paying long medical bills, pain, suffering, and sometimes loss of life. These injuries can be short-term or long-term. One can easily refer to construction site injuries statistics and reports shared from the government sources to check out the accidents rate and strategize to decrease these rates. An awareness program or training is highly needed on every hierarchy to make sites safe with all the security measures to stop even common accidents.

What is the most common injury in construction that result in time of work?

There are crucial injuries in the construction industry that turns fatal. Workers with risk-taking ability accept to work from height with the given protective measures. These measures might not be perfect that increases accidents onsite. Here are some of the most common accidents that occur during the construction:

Fall from Heights:

Uneven surfaces, improper mounting, incorrect ladder placement, etc., are the primary reasons for fall accidents. In such cases, the workers who are working on a height fall directly on the ground, and the injuries are severe. It can lead to loss of life or physical impairment. Such accidents are dangerous. There are fewer chances for the victim to survive. It can also occur while handling weights or a fall from the suspended load of a high capacity telehandler or any other aerial lift. The operator must confirm the load lifting capacity to pick and place the load. The solution to decreasing such accidents is to follow safety protocols like guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and safety nets. Also, misplaced items or spills and leaks are the main reason for slips and trips.

Struck by an Object:

It is the injury when a person comes in contact with a moving object or any piece of equipment. In this case, workers/pedestrians are injured by any machine or via falling objects from a height left suspended on a high capacity telehandler or other machinery. The remedy to stop such type of accident is to train the workers and employees not to position themselves near any heavy machinery or moving object. Avoid those locations where suspended loads are left at a height for further operation.


It means to cause death by electricity or by electric shock. Burns is also a result of electrocution. It can also lead to severe issues like heart attack and damage of nerves. The solution to avoid such accidents is to use proper electrical protective devices and proper insulation techniques. Workers must wear shock-resistant PPE kits to save themselves. Before wrapping up the day, you should de-energize equipment and use proper lockout and tag-out procedures.

Implementing a continuous improvement process on the construction site along with proper inspection of construction equipment, are some of the ways to reduce onsite accidents. If your construction site is devoid of any multipurpose equipment that is secure; then it’s time to contact Dieci Ontario. Our exclusive range of high-capacity telehandlers is available for sale and rental purposes. Call us at 1-833-743-2500 or write to us at We’ll connect with you to know your requirements.