What does “Working at a Height” mean? What are its Safety Measures?

When you take a look at any construction site, you can see workers working at a height. They have the necessary equipment to hold them at such heights to complete their work effectively. But what does the word exactly mean? Is there any specific height defined for the construction industry called” working at a height”? The answer to this is NO! There is no specific height defined for those who work on a construction site as the size of the project varies in terms of height, construction techniques, and machines used. You can see telehandlers lifting loads, rotating telehandlers and other machine being operated efficiently. It is the employer’s part to keep their workers safe and secure especially for those working at a height. The term simply means a height from where any person working on the site could fall and injure themselves badly. A single mistake can lead to a serious fall accident or death.

Certain machines like telehandlers, cherry pickers, lift the workers to a height where it could be risky to work. Apart from such machines, there are cables, harnesses, ropes, helmets, and other equipment that hold them at a particular height. It is the height that matters! Whether it’s a one-time project where employees work on a freelance basis, or you have permanent workers; the employers must protect and ensure their workers from any workplace hazards. Here are some of the safety tips to ensure working on a height is safe and secured without any fear of accidents.

Safety Training:
Any job starts with training before you hit to onsite work. Apart from using equipment, safety training is essential for every worker rising to heights via harnesses. These training sessions make the worker aware of the tactics to work on heights. Dieci Ontario believes in training workers on using the equipment and adopt all safety measures when working on a height. The companies must equip themselves with the correct measures to stay safe while working onsite.

Health Checkup:
Employees juggling on a height must undergo a deep health check-up. Apart from safety training, it is mandatory to check the blood pressure count, sugar levels, etc. of a worker. An employee for the construction industry should go for a pre-employment checkup that includes complete medical & physical examination. This helps the employer to decide whether the worker is fit to work or not.

Always Check the Equipment:
There are many equipment used to work at heights. It can be the harness, helmet, special shoes for employees worn at a height, etc. Such equipment should be examined regularly or daily before wearing them for work. A careful inspection can avoid accidents. Any sign of damage on those equipment needs treatment or an immediate replacement.

Use Railings:
It is the safest and easiest way of protecting yourself at height. It is easy to install them and it does not require any extra equipment for health and safety training.

Avoid Overload at heights:
Whether you are using ladders or cherry pickers to reach a certain height; it is important to notice that it should not be overloaded. Overloading decreases the capacity and efficiency of the machine. Later, it can face serious wear and tear causing fall accidents.

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