The agricultural telehandler is a working vehicle that facilitates transport, lifting and positioning of both light and heavy loads thanks to the presence of a hydraulically operated telescopic boom. It can be either fixed or articulated.
Unlike normal tractors with front lifting, it can be used to handle loads even in small spaces thanks to 2 steering axles. Thanks to the telescopic boom it is possible to reach greater heights and distances, for example it is possible to easily load very large dumpers, or stack round bales in columns of 5 or 6 levels without difficulty.  Furthermore, the characteristic side boom greatly increases visibility during work compared to a normal tractors with front lifting.
The great advantage of telehandlers is that they can perform various jobs using the same vehicle: their peculiarity is their versatility. A telehandler can be equipped with different equipment and accessories for specific tasks: power take-offs, forks, buckets, forks with needles, clamp for big bales, lifting hooks, rear 3-point lifting device, etc. This makes it a unique and irreplaceable vehicle for the best management of work cycles and labor in any farm.


The Dieci range of agricultural telehandlers is designed to meet the specific needs of every small, medium and large farm.

Together with the wide choice of accessories and attachments, it allows each customer to choose the most suitable vehicle for their needs.

The Giugiaro Design Cab

Dieci telehandler cabs have always been a combination of comfort and functionality linked with the style which makes us stand out all over the world. In the new 2018 cab for the AGRI range we wanted to enhance the Made in Italy with the touch of one of the most famous Italian Designers: Giugiaro Design.


Cereal storage and distribution

The Dieci agricultural telehandler is particularly suitable to handle large quantities of cereals, transport them and store them in silos. Equipped with a bucket for light materials, the Dieci telehandler can easily heap, move and organize mountains of cereals, wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats, corn, etc.
Thanks to the telescopic boom it can reach considerable heights and distances, it is able to exploit all the height available in the warehouse, to fill silos or load very large trucks without difficulty.
Moreover, thanks to a wide range it is possible to find the telehandler that best meets specific lifting and power requirements.
Particularly suitable for handling cereals
AGRI PIVOT (articulated telehandler or wheel loader with telescopic boom) combines the maneuverability of a wheel loader with a telescopic boom that reaches considerable heights or distances, facilitating and accelerating the operator’s work.

Cereal storage
Cereal storage

The definition of polyculture is an activity that requires different tools to carry out different activities.
Handle fodder, clean a stable, load crates for picking fruit or vegetables, fill, transport, lift, arrange, hook, lift with a fork, tow, all operations that a Dieci telehandler can easily perform thanks to a wide range of accessories and to the possibility of choosing power, capacity, lifting capacity and telescopic boom length adapted to the needs of the individual company.  This vehicle is so versatile that using it optimizes production cycles making the best use of labor time.


There are many uses for the Dieci telehandler in cattle farms.
It is very convenient to have in your farm a vehicle that simply changing its accessories can carry out so many different jobs: front bucket for feeding livestock and cleaning stables, fork with needles or clamp for big bales to move bales of hay, forks to move heavy loads.
Telehandlers are often also used in poultry farms to clean up chicken houses from manure, stock it and reuse it, afterwards, as a fertilizer.
The Dieci range allows each breeder to choose the most suitable vehicle for his company, either if it is small, medium or large.

Horticulture and Nurseries

Thanks to their versatility, maneuverability and power, telehandlers are used in horticulture and nurseries. Compact and powerful, Dieci telehandlers are often used for their versatility to carry out different jobs such as harvesting and storing vegetables, handling loads, for example large pots, fertilizer and plants in tight and difficult environments, and for the convenience of being able to use multi-purpose equipment in rapid succession (winches, lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, etc.).
Even the company’s maintenance operations are now fully delegated to agricultural telehandlers.

Mini Agri

MINI AGRI is the “mini telehandler“, designed to meet the needs of small works: greenhouses, nurseries, horticulture, poultry farming etc. It is a vehicle that fits perfectly in tight and difficult spaces.

Featured by high versatility and excellent handling, this telehandler can be fitted, in addition to the full range of accessories offered by the company (lifting hooks, grippers of various kinds, buckets for excavation and inert material), also with winches and baskets.
The most spacious cab in its category, ROPS – FOPS approved, is designed to ensure a high level of comfort, thanks to the new door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System), an innovative lightweight composite material made by Dieci Research and Development center.

The dual objective of significantly lightening the vehicle, improving its performance, and considerably increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort and roominess is obtained by using this material.

  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System)


Agri Farmer

AGRI FARMER is the most agile of the Dieci agricultural telehandlers.
The Agri Farmer models are created to complement the telehandler to the tractor, thus satisfying every lifting and handling requirement in small and medium sized farms.
Direction of travel and boom are controlled by the new CAN-bus single-lever Joystick, while the 2-speed hydrostatic transmission allows maximum forward travel precision even at full speed.
The cab, ROPS-FOPS approved, designed to ensure a high level of comfort, can be equipped with an enhanced air conditioning system which allows perfect air circulation inside the cab. The on-board computer with LCD display, allows the operator to monitor all the vehicle operating parameters.
AGRI FARMER is capable of high fluidity of movement and a very high level of precision in small movements, with greater comfort for the operator and lower acoustic emission in the cab.
It can be equipped with the new FNR Joystick to precisely and safely handle all the vehicle functions with a simple movement of a hand.

  • New CAN-bus single-lever joystick
  • 2-speed Hydrostatic Transmission
  • New FNR Joystick – optional
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab


Agri Plus

AGRI PLUS is a fixed-boom telehandler with a specific vocation for heavy and intensive use.
It can be equipped with 2 types of transmission: the PS Power Shift transmission, with 6-speed manual/automatic gearbox, 3 in reverse and “Inching” pedal control which guarantee maximum power at all operating speeds; or the innovative VS Vario System hydrostatic transmission that allows to always find the best speed-power ratio in any working condition, allowing unparalleled maneuvering fluidity and millimetric precision in small movements. The VS EVO2 transmission combined with the electronic management, allows obtaining fuel savings up to 20%.
The vocation of AGRI PLUS for heavy use is especially expressed in the lifting equipment: the DCS (Descent Control System) guarantees the maximum boom descent speed even with the engine at minimum speed, allowing this telehandler to have exceptional maneuverability and greater comfort for the operator, with more precise movements, more responsive vehicle at the movement start and greater stability under all conditions.
Furthermore, the vehicle is less prone to the environmental conditions and is ready and efficient even when the hydraulic oil is cold.
The gear reversing can be integrated into the joystick, so it is easer to control the travel phases in a more convenient and comfortable way.
AGRI PLUS is also approved for towing on road trailers up to 20 tons at a maximum speed of 40 Km/h.

  • PS Power Shift transmission or VS Vario System hydrostatic transmission
  • DCS (Descent Control System)
  • Gear reversal integrated in the Joystick
  • Approved for towing trailers on the road (max 20 t – 40 km/h)
  • Available with the new  Giugiaro Design cab


Agri Max

AGRI MAX is the most performing vehicle among the Dieci telehandlers.
The AGRI MAX range consists of solid and powerful vehicles whose main characteristic is the load capacity. These telehandlers are ideal for work environments where there is a need to handle large volumes and reduce work cycles, such as nurseries, oil mills, grain or feed producers, recycling, and biogas plants.
Direction of travel and boom are controlled by the new CAN-bus single-lever joystick.
Available as an attachment with the VS Vario System transmission which allows 4 driving modes: Normal, ECO, Creeper and Loader.
The boom can be equipped with the exclusive anti-pitching “Easy Ride” system, which allows driving on rough terrain neutralizing oscillations under load.
The engine hood has been designed to reduce the noise emission and optimize heat dissipation.
The cab guarantees a high level of comfort, it is ROPS-FOPS approved and can be equipped with an enhanced air conditioning system. The vehicle’s operating parameters are monitored by the on-board computer, equipped with LCD display.

  • New CAN-bus single-lever joystick
  • VS Vario System hydrostatic transmission
  • “Easy Ride” anti-pitching system – optional
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab


Agri Star

The AGRI STAR range consists of versatile and powerful telehandlers, designed to give the user the right balance between power and agility, wherever it is necessary to handle heavy loads in confined spaces.
AGRI STAR EVO2 is equipped with “Inching” pedal, which allows the vehicle to run at slow speed even with engine at full throttle, and a EVO2 transmission with variable displacement pump and hydrostatic motor, that allows acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h without the need to change gear.
This telehandler is particularly suitable for towing trailers up to 20 t on the road at a maximum speed of 40 km/h and for loading and unloading materials, thanks to its tilting kinematics equipped with a control that allows to considerably increase the fork holding plate angle rotation.
The extension cylinder located inside the boom also improves visibility and safety in use.
The cab, ROPS-FOPS approved, equipped with every safety device and designed to ensure a high level of comfort, can be equipped with an enhanced air conditioning system which allows perfect air circulation inside the cab. To further enhance comfort, new seats with automatic suspension can be installed on request.

  • “Inching” pedal control
  • EVO2 transmission with variable displacement pump and hydrostatic motor
  • Approved for towing trailers on the road (max 20 t – 40 km/h)
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab


Agri Pivot

AGRI PIVOT is a compact, lightweight articulated telehandler assembled with high quality components. This wheel loader with articulated chassis and telescopic boom is ideal for working in confined spaces, wherever there is a need for a performing vehicle and with a low operating cost.
The engine (rear) is installed longitudinally for improved access during maintenance, with excellent lateral and rear visibility.
All vital parts, such as the drive shaft and the extension cylinder, are in a protected position, pins and bushings are protected by “Long Life” seal gaskets. The braking system is servo-assisted and the “Inching” pedal allows full control of the forward speed even with the engine at maximum rpm.
Safety and lifting equipment includes a load limiter.
The cab is one of the lowest above ground level in its category and is ROPS – FOPS approved. It is fully equipped with safety devices and designed to guarantee maximum comfort, with openable roof, TFT colour display and capacitive joystick with deadman sensor. It can also be provided with an enhanced climate control system, for perfect air circulation inside the cab.

  • “Inching” pedal control
  • Load limiter
  • “Long Life” seal gaskets
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab



The Giugiaro Design cab on the AGRI range of telehandlers combines comfort, elegance and the very best of Italian manufacturing.
The interiors are made of soft touch materials obtained from the Automotive sector, extremely soft to the touch, which ensure excellent thermal and sound insulation, in addition to significantly reducing vibrations. Aesthetics and quality combine with functionality: the passenger compartment is particularly bright thanks to the matching of soft colors and the backlighting of the pedal group, switches and access ladder.
Full light and visibility also outwards, with a generous window that allows an excellent 360° view, LED work lights on the cab, perimeter and boom, electrically adjustable and heated wing mirrors and three wireless cameras that also inspect the most hidden points.
We want to offer the best comfort to operators, for this we have amplified the traditional comfort of the Dieci cabs with wider spaces for the legs, adjustable steering wheel and armrest, the choice of three different seat suspension systems and a new cab shock absorption system, unique in the telehandlers sector, able to effectively dampen the most annoying oscillations of the most uneven ground.
Finally, from research and advanced fluid dynamics studies, we have developed the new air conditioning system that, together with the openable roof and rear glass, ensures an optimized air distribution in order to regulate the ideal temperature in every season of the year.

  • Precious soft-touch interiors obtained from the Automotive industry
  • More legroom
  • Possibility to adjust armrest and steering column
  • Heated seat equipped with 3 different suspension systems to choose from
  • Soundproof roof, dashboard and mat insulate the cab from external noise
  • The Zero Shock System effectively reduces oscillations and ensures a high degree of driving comfort
  • Shock absorption system, with integrated adjustment, consisting of 4 supports that reduces impacts and jolts at 360°
  • Optimized air conditioning with 6 air vents, openable roof and rear window and electric lateral window
  • The double air filter to keep the operator protected against dust and odors
  • Large glass surface that increases visibility
  • LED lights placed on the perimeter of the vehicle and on the boom
  • Electrically adjustable and heated anti-fog wing mirrors
  • 7” display to monitor 3 wireless cameras