The construction telehandler is a vehicle used to handle, transport and lift both loads and people. The telehandler can be defined as fixed or rotary depending on whether or not it equipped with a rotating turret.
The telehandler is a very versatile vehicle that can replace forklift trucks, aerial platforms (PLE) and cranes in the construction sector.
Compared to forklift trucks, it has the ability to reach higher and further thanks to the telescopic boom, it has greater visibility given by the lateral positioning of the boom and guarantees accessibility on rough terrain.
If equipped with a man basket, a telehandler can easily act as an aerial platform, also guaranteeing greater stability, load capacity, and work platform dimensions that can reach up to 6m. If equipped with a lifting hook or winch it can, in many situations, replace the crane. Furthermore, equipped with a bucket it is suitable for handling aggregates on the ground.
A telehandler, therefore, is a vehicle suitable for performing multiple jobs, robust and easily maneuverable even in confined spaces thanks to the 2 steering axles.
The wide range of Dieci telehandlers also allows to choose the best vehicle suited to the needs of each individual construction site. The personnel is immediately operational thanks to the easy and intuitive use of the vehicle and its high level of security ensures them to work in safe conditions.


Every construction company or rental supplier can find exactly the capacity and lifting height features they are looking for, thanks to a truly unique range of vehicles to meet any handling and lifting need.

Moreover, a wide possibility to equip telehandlers with accessories make these vehicles completely customizable.

Fixed telehandlers






Pivot steer telehandlers


Rotating telehandlers


Construction vehicles


The New Giugiaro Design Cab

New features, especially for construction telehandlers, the New Giugiaro Design cab is designed to significantly improve working conditions and comfort in the passenger compartment, making it less heavy for the operator to complete long work shifts or defending him from challenging weather conditions.


Construction works

Whether for new constructions, roofs, coverings or renovations and restorations, the telehandler is an essential vehicle for modern construction.
Dieci telehandlers, given the flexibility of the range, are often used in this sector for their strength and ease of use in different environments and situations. With a capacity in height ranging from 5.78 m to 30 m and a load capacity ranging from 2,500 kg to 23,000 kg they are able to meet the most varied lifting and handling needs.
Thanks to the available accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, baskets, winches, jib crane with hook) the telehandler can act as a forklift, aerial platform or crane and can easily handle aggregates such as gravel, earth and bricks.
The safety systems that prevent errors and the simplicity of use are very appreciated features in the construction sector, in fact often the equipment is used by different work teams that must be able to operate the vehicle in the best way in a very short time and in total security.

Cereal storage
Property renovations

Telehandlers for the construction sector have proved to be particularly useful in renovation work, extraordinary maintenance work and for restoration and conservative renovation.
In this type of work, in fact, it is possible to meet problems that are often hard to predict during the design stage; the versatility of a telehandler and the possibility of using various accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, baskets, winches, jib cranes with hook) provide construction companies engaged in renovation with the right tool to solve this type of situation.
In addition, construction sites renovation are often located in areas that are not easily accessible, historical centers, parts of buildings, courtyards, etc. All Dieci telehandlers are compact vehicles with great maneuvering capability, from the small Apollo, the “mini telehandler”, to the powerful Hercules, which reaches a lifting power of 23,000 kg and a height of 10.15 m.

Assembly of large structures and construction of plants

A construction telehandler can easily be used even in construction works that are not strictly related to building, such as the construction of large temporary structures (stands for events, stages for concerts, stands for events, fun fairs, etc.) or for assembling large renewable energy plants, such as photovoltaic panel fields or wind farms.
The handling of large wind turbine blades, for example, is difficult and very delicate: it is necessary to hook and lift the blades at their center of gravity to move them from the storage areas to the delegated sites; this operation is carried out in complete safety by Dieci telehandlers thanks to different control devices that allow to manage a great lifting power with great precision.
Moreover, the possibility of working easily even on steep terrain or in confined spaces make these vehicles ideal for those companies that have to work in very different sites for their morphological conformation or to install structures in residential areas.
Without forgetting that a construction telehandler can be equipped with various accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, man baskets, material baskets, winches, jib cranes with hooks) that make it a multi-purpose vehicle.

Logistics, ports and airports

When it comes to handling there is no better vehicle than a Dieci telehandler! And if we talk about handling we cannot not mention the logistics sector.
The reasons for choosing a Dieci telehandler are many: safety systems, great visibility from the cab during transport, low noise level, ease of use, all-wheel drive for the winter months and the northern longitudes, cab comfort, joystick precision, compactness and agility of the vehicle. The logistics sector has special needs in terms of load capacity and the possibility of maneuvering it: large loads in spaces, often narrow, that have to be moved frequently.
The wide Dieci range comes to our aid, with load capacities ranging from 2,500 kg to 23,000 kg and height capacities up to 30 m, it is certainly possible to find the ideal vehicle for any specific handling requirement.
For the same reasons, our telehandlers are also used in ports and airports in operations such as airplanes handling for periodic maintenance, or transport of the material that must be embarked from the various depots to the dock.
In these situations the many accessories are very appreciated (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, man baskets, material baskets, winches, jib cranes with hook) that make the telehandler a multi-purpose vehicle able to provide also for the maintenance needs of these facilities.


Apollo is the fixed boom telehandler for industry and construction offering excellent features, outstanding versatility and optimal handling: it is the “mini handler” designed for confined and difficult spaces.
The wide range of accessories that can be installed on this vehicle: lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, winches and baskets make it a multi-purpose vehicle.
The cab is ROPS – FOPS approved, very wide for telehandlers of this category, it guarantees a high level of comfort. The door is produced with an innovative material, DSCS, an ultra-light and extremely insulating composite both in terms of atmospheric conditions and noise. The result is a cab with enhanced comfort and habitability.

  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System)



The DEDALUS telehandler models are particularly suitable for use in road maintenance works, in town centers and in undergrounds.
A small and compact vehicle, produced with increasing capacities and lifting heights, that stands out for its handling, power and precision characteristics and for its great fluidity of movement.
This telehandler can be equipped with the new FNR Joystick, which thanks to the simple movement of a hand manages all the work functions of the vehicle, increasing its safety and precision.
The cab is ROPS-FOPS approved and can be fitted with an enhanced air conditioning system that allows perfect air circulation inside the passenger compartment.
All the vehicle’s operating parameters are monitored by an on-board computer with LCD display.

  • New CAN-bus single-lever joystick
  • 2-speed Hydrostatic Transmission
  • New FNR Joystick – optional
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab



ICARUS telehandlers is a family of vehicles particularly suitable for large jobs in the construction and industry sectors, thanks to its great strength, power and lifting heights.
The engine hood has been designed to reduce the noise emission and optimize heat dissipation, furthermore, since it has to operate in workplaces which are often dusty, the ICARUS is equipped with separator pre-filter applied to the air filter, which prevents the entrance of dust and abrasive particles, allowing greater efficiency and longer engine life.
The cab, ROPS-FOPS approved, is very comfortable, the air conditioning system can be enhanced on request and it is possible to fit the new seats with automatic suspension.

  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Separator pre-filter applied to the air filter
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab



SAMSON telehandlers are robust and powerful vehicles, these characteristics make them particularly suitable for heavy and intensive work both in the construction and industrial sectors, for operators who need a large lifting capacity.
It is particularly suitable for loading and unloading heavy materials, thanks to its swing kinematic mechanism equipped with counter-lever, which allows to considerably increase the rotation angle of the fork carrier plate particularly effective if combined with the use of the bucket.

The air conditioning system can be enhanced and the cab is ROPS – FOPS approved, the on-board computer is equipped with LCD display.

This range of telehandlers can be equipped with VS Vario System EVO2 transmission with 4 driving modes: Automotive” “Loader” “Creeper” and “ECO” and a Proportional 4 in 1 Joystick combined with a “Load Sensing” variable displacement pump, which increases the movement speed and allows to carry out up to 4 simultaneous movements.

  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • VS Vario System EVO2 transmission
  • Proportional 4 in 1 Joystick
  • “Load Sensing” variable displacement pump
  • Enhanced cooling system
  • Digital speedometer
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab



These models are construction telehandlers that combine power and agility to handle heavy loads in tight spaces. ZEUS is equipped with hydrostatic transmission combined with pedal “INCHING” command, that allows the vehicle to run at slow speed also with engine at full throttle.
The swing kinematic mechanism is equipped with a control that allows to considerably increase the rotation angle of the fork carrier plate. Furthermore, the extension cylinder is located inside the boom. These features make it comfortable and safe for loading and unloading operations. Designed to work on construction sites, the cab is equipped with all the safety devicesROPS-FOPS approved and prearranged for enhanced air-conditioning where there are difficult weather conditions, new seats with automatic suspension can be fitted on request.

  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • “Inching” pedal control
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Enhanced air conditioning system – optional
  • Available with the new Giugiaro Design cab



PEGASUS is a rotary telehandler, its rotation can be either continuous (360°) or non-continuous (400°). This telehandler can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories that make it suitable for many jobs, a single vehicle can operate as a telehandler, an aerial platform and a crane.
The Pegasus /400 ° model, designed specifically for the rental market, has a non-continuous 400 ° rotation, its main features are ease of userobustnessreliability and a complete range of safety features, including a load limiting device plus advanced instrumentation to ensure total control of the vehicle irrespective of force, load, ground conditions and speed.
The Pegasus continuous rotation on 360°, in addition to all the features of the 400° model, is equipped with outriggers with automatic leveling function, and an electronic control system (made with CAN-bus technology) that allows it to operate in any position, in fact according to the footprint base, the outriggers position and the load weight, the system measures in real time the best working and safety parameters by means of a thorough diagnostic, allowing total control.
The equipment also includes the new Load
Sensing / Flow Sharing hydraulic distributor and a new rotary joint with integrated rotation sensor.
The capacitive joystick with deadman sensor, accurate and sensitive, allows the turret rotation speed regulation/reduction.
The automatic reversal system of the controls makes it possible to travel with 180° rotated turret, to easily move inside the narrow working areas.
The “Ecowork” system combined with the joystick allows increased fuel savings, drawing power to the Diesel engine only when required.
The already excellent cab comfort features (ROPS -FOPS approved and equipped with all safety devices and air conditioning) are further improved by the adoption of a new Smart Navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the vehicle: driving modes, minimum RPM control, forward speed and diagnostics.

  • Both continuous (360°) and non-continuous rotation (400°)
  • Load limiter
  • Outriggers with automatic leveling function
  • Load Sensing / Flow Sharing hydraulic distributor
  • Capacitive joystick with deadman sensor
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab
  • Smart Navigation System



PIVOT is a compact, lightweight articulated telehandler assembled with high quality components. This wheel loader with articulated chassis and telescopic boom is ideal for working in confined spaces, wherever there is a need for a performing vehicle and with a low operating cost.
The engine (rear) is installed longitudinally for improved access during maintenance, with excellent lateral and rear visibility.
All vital parts, such as the drive shaft and the extension cylinder, are in a protected position, pins and bushings are protected by “Long Life” seal gaskets. The braking system is servo-assisted and the “Inching” pedal allows full control of the forward speed even with the engine at maximum rpm.
Safety and lifting equipment includes a load limiter.
The cab is one of the lowest above ground level in its category and is ROPS – FOPS approved. It is fully equipped with safety devices and designed to guarantee maximum comfort, with openable roof, TFT colour display and capacitive joystick with deadman sensor. It can also be provided with an enhanced climate control system, for perfect air circulation inside the cab.

  • “Inching” pedal control
  • Load limiter
  • “Long Life” seal gaskets
  • ROPS – FOPS approved cab



The Dieci DUMPERS are versatile, easy to handle, lightweight and easy to handle vehicles, with increasing load capacity. Each model has specific characteristics, especially designed for every work requirement.
Vehicles ideal for handling materials on construction sites or in industrial environments, they can be equipped with a self-loading shovel that makes these DUMPERS autonomous in the caisson loading phases.
The central articulated steering provides a tight turning radius, so that it can easily move in construction sites, the vehicle is equipped with freely selectable steering either on the 4 wheels, transverse, or only on 2 wheels.
The roof-rollbar is ROPS – FOPS approved, the cab designed for a high level of comfort is equipped with a reversible driver’s seat.



New features, especially for construction telehandlers, the New Giugiaro Design cab is designed to significantly improve working conditions and comfort in the passenger compartment, making it less heavy for the operator to complete long work shifts or defending him from challenging weather conditions.
The Giugiaro Design cab on the AGRI range of telehandlers combines comfort, elegance and the very best of Italian manufacturing.
Extreme stylistic elegance for interiors and exteriors, materials derived from the automotive sector, ergonomic design and plenty of natural light all combine to improve the interior environment.
New heat insulation, soundproofing, shock absorption system that is unique in the sector and the latest generation of electronics to maximize comfort and the user experience when operating and driving the vehicle.

  • Precious soft-touch interiors obtained from the Automotive industry
  • More legroom
  • Possibility to adjust armrest and steering column
  • Heated seat equipped with 3 different suspension systems to choose from
  • Soundproof roof, dashboard and mat insulate the cab from external noise
  • The Zero Shock System effectively reduces oscillations and ensures a high degree of driving comfort
  • Shock absorption system, with integrated adjustment, consisting of 4 supports that reduces impacts and jolts at 360°
  • Optimized air conditioning with 6 air vents, openable roof and rear window and electric lateral window
  • The double air filter to keep the operator protected against dust and odors
  • Large glass surface that increases visibility
  • LED lights placed on the perimeter of the vehicle and on the boom
  • Electrically adjustable and heated anti-fog wing mirrors
  • 7” display to monitor 3 wireless cameras